don't trust in time.

live now and you'll never die.


I've learned a lot'a things the hard way 'n sometimes I think that's the only way t'go about learning anything at all. Being an example to mankind isn't what I signed up for but none of us are holding that pen anyway. I'm prepared t'do what it takes.

Stay calm
find purpose
be heard.

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ooc tbh i feel like rupert is too young looking and could not pass at all for russian imho. the other two look like /men/ and i duNNo i say one of them. youll have the most icons for kevin if that influences anything.

I can easily make icons for Kris should I need to, that’s not an issue. I think Kris is a really good choice, he just looks the part. I don’t know, i might switch between using them both. Cause I love them both so much. 

HE DOES hes so badass looking hes a great choice. 

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playing rush hour with the tubs of stuff in your fridge to get the thing you want

owesmeadance inquired:

I want to fondue with you~

I want to _____ you.

          “That was one time,”

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I want to _____ you.

does anyone else have
a problem with text that
is written like this?

i feel like when i read 
it, its like the words fall
off a cliff at the end and
it just sounds choppy 
and uncomfortable.



"I think we got in a few hours.”

"Maybe you did,”

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Howard does not miss a beat.


"Sleeping with me and PDA. That’d be two big steps for you in one week, Captain."


         ”—Y’know I don’t much remember the sleeping part..”

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"Riiiight. So… would this be an awkward time to ask for your autograph?"

          “—What would you do with my autograph?”

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